Our Business

Rimfire Energy currently services the electricity needs of large business customers in the Northern Territory and, in response to recent changes in market arrangements, has also recently started selling power to small business and residential customers.  As these market changes are rolled out more broadly, we will also be able to start selling electricity to a wider range of small business and residential customers.  Please refer to our Contact Us page for further details and to register your interest.
As an electricity sales business, Rimfire Energy acts as an intermediary between you and the various wholesale market participants operating in the Territory.  Depending on the specific product arrangements you are after and the associated terms of your contract, we will usually also assume any risks associated with price volatility in your markets and provide you with fixed prices for the duration of your contract period.  
Depending on the specific market rules and operations, this can mean acting as your intermediary with the market regulator, market operator, generator, distribution networks, metering businesses and various others, plus ensuring compliance with any regulated emissions reduction schemes.  
See Our Markets for a basic overview of the market construct, rules and operations of the Northern Territory electricity industry, together with a link to the website of the market regulator.